Краматорский Завод Энергетического Машиностроения


Limited Liability Company "Kramatorsk plant energy machine building" (KZEM) is an engineering company with a closed production cycle - from model manufacture to a machined finished product – which is located in the heart of the engineering region of Ukraine – in the city of Kramatorsk. LLC KZEM specializes in the manufacture and supply of equipment and spare parts for companies belonging to the engineering, power and mineral resource industries. Due to its manufacturing capabilities, the company has a complete production cycle including blank production, subsequent machining and assembly:

- steel forging ingots up to 3.2 tons of carbon, alloyed and high-alloyed steels (over 100 types) and shaped castings of cast iron and steel up to 2.3 tons;
- bushings of any bronze and brass grades produced by centrifugal casting machines, up to 800 kg and dimensions of ø800x600x500
- model kits of any degree of complexity. The existing melting equipment makes it possible to produce high-quality alloys that meet international standards
- the woodwork performed by the mold-making shop are as follows: foundry molds as well as any other wooden products (doors, windows, frames, beams and I-beam, etc.), for both businesses and individuals. In addition, the shop provides wood drying services (the drying batch is 6m³).


The company produces castings, forging ingots, forgings, provides heat treatment services such as annealing, isothermal annealing, sorbitizing, normalizing, hardening, tempering, gas carburizing, ion and classical nitriding, RF current hardening. The company also engages in capital repairs, modernization, maintenance and adjustment of turning, milling, and boring machines.

The manufacture has the following divisions:

- Foundry manufacture
- Forging and thermal manufacture
- Machine-assembly manufacture
- Metal Construction manufacture


Our projects are implemented by experts with years of experience. The plant produces a wide range of equipment and spare parts, of our own design, and custom-made. We hope that our website will help you choose the equipment that will successfully settle production problems facing your company.


We hope for mutually beneficial effective cooperation.