Forging and thermal manufacture

The Forging and Heat Treatment Division of Ltd KZEM is equipped with a forging complex which includes a 800 t press and a manipulator capable of processing ingots up to 3000 kg, with resulting forgings weighing from 30 to 2300 kg.

The heat treatment capabilities of Ltd KZEM are determined by the company’s equipment.

In the forging and heat treatment shop (FHTS), there is a roll-out hearth furnace with a workspace of 2500x5000x1300mm (rated temperature: 1300°C) for preliminary heat treatment of forgings (isothermal annealing, annealing, normalizing with tempering).

In the heat treatment section of the FHTS, the final heat treatment of forgings, castings, billets, welded structures (quenching and tempering, normalizing and tempering, stress relief tempering after welding or machining, tempering after RF current) is carried out.

The division has a plant for sorbitizing running wheels (channel wheels with 350-1000mm).

In the RF Current Section of the FHTS, RF current quenching is used for the following components:

1. Simultaneous heating (surface-volumentric hardening)

  • screws, bolts, nuts, couplings, rollers;
  • gear wheels, bushings, pinion gears, gear shafts with straight and oblique tooth m<6, Øh<400mm
  • worm screws up to D = 100 mm.

2. Continuous sequential quenching (hardening depth 1.5-2.0 mm)

  • pinion gears, gear shafts with straight and oblique tooth m>6 , Ltooth<390m
  • spindles, shafts up to 8 tons, L
  • bases, bars up to 6000 mm, etc.

In the foundry, a roll-out hearth furnace with a workspace of 2300 x 2500 x 1800 mm (rated temperature: 1000 oC.) for heat treatment of castings (annealing, normalizing and tempering, tempering after topping and defect repair by welding) is installed.

It is possible to produce rough and premachined forgings of groups I-IV according to GOST 8479-70 meeting UT requirements (GOST 24507-80, EN 1028, SEP 1921, etc. ) of various sizes.



No. Forging type Forging dimensions Forging weight, t Sketch
1 Smooth and stepped shafts (plunger, rod), rolls.


Forming rolls
D = 240-500
d > 100
Db < 70
Lmax = 4500

up to 2,0

2 Shafts with flanges and ledges D < 600
d > 100
Lmax = 4500

up to 2,0

3 Square and rectangular bars В = 100-600
Н = 100-600
Lmax = 4500

up to 2,0

4 Smooth cylinders, cylinders with ledges D = 320-550
D2 = 200
d = 150-250
Lmax = 1500

up to 1,5

5 Distributing rings D = 600-1200
H = 200-450

up to 1,5

6 Bushings, wheels and disks D = 350-1200
H = 100-500

up to 1,5

7 Hubs with holes, blind hubs D = 250-600
H = 150-450

up to 1,35

8 Forging cubes, blocks H = 500
B = 500
L = 500

up to 1,2