Machine-assembly manufacture


The Machine-Assembly Division provides machining of components, machines and mechanisms of various classes and sizes, namely turning, vertical turning, boring, coordinate boring, milling, gear milling, planing, slotting, grinding and holemaking.

KZEM Ltd. has a wide range of cutting machines which make it possible to perform:

Turning. The largest work diameter over bed is Ø 1000 mm, over carriage Ø600mm, center distance 2800mm.

Vertical turning. The largest work diameter is Ø 3000mm, maximum height 1500mm.

Boring. The maximum work dimensions are 1400x1600x2000mm.

Milling. The maximum work dimensions are 3200x1200x800mm.

ЗGear shaping and milling. Due to our manufacturijng capabilities we can perform gear cutting operations up to the module of 30mm, gear milling up to the outer diameter of Ø 2000mm, gear shaping up to the inner diameter of Ø 1200mm.

Slotting. The maximum work height is 250mm, the largest inner work diameter is Ø 500mm.

Drilling. The maximum drilled diameter is Ø 50mm, the maximum work sizes are 750x1500x1000mm.

Grinding. Works of a diameter up to 400 mm and length up to 2500mm can be ground.

In the assembly section, preliminary and final assembing of high precision machines, mechanisms and equipment up to 20 tons can be done.