Metal сonstruction manufacture

With the existing equipment we can produce a wide range of medium and large-sized metal constructions up to 50 tons of thin and thick steel, rolled sections, profiles, bent tubes and shells.
Our manufacturing facilities can produce up to 100 tons of metal constructions a month.
The company has folding machines with a working area of 2.5-3 m for a maximum metal thickness of 8 mm.
Rolling of shells and cones up to 2 meters in length can be performed. For small sheet thicknesses (2-5 mm), the bending diameter is min 150 mm. Sheets of a thickness of 25 mm to 50 mm and width up to 2000 mm can be rolled on a bending machine with digital roller positioning with program control.
We have equipment for program-controlled flame and air plasma cutting. The maximum cutting thickness for the air plasma plant is 45 mm. The cutting of rolled sheets of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal can be performed.
Welding is carried out by semi-automatic welders in CO2 environment.

The equipment of the shop includes:

  • thermic cutting machine Kristall ТМ-2.5
  • hydraulic shears
  • crank shears
  • three-roll machines
  • four-roll machines 36х2500
  • forming machines
  • thermoabrasive units
  • welding equipment.